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Message SaverFor some people, archiving messages from the phone is quite important. Not only because sometimes our memory full and make our devices slower, but some people just want to keep track of every short messages they sent and received. I was one of those kind of people. When Message Saver was released as freeware, I felt very happy. It can store all my messages from my mobile phone (even MMS and e-mails) as a plain text and I can send the file text easily via bluetooth to my PC. You can download this program from : http://koti.phnet.fi/jarilaak/software/msgsaver.html


MailpassSome people prefer to setup a new email account for their mobile phone and forward important email from their main account to the mobile account. This usually makes them forgot what their email account password was for the mobile email account. If you forgot your email account for your Symbian phone, you can use my program MailPass to retrieve the password.

This software is just like UnlockMe!, it may not be useful for daily use, but can be useful at certain situations. You can download this program from: http://www.compactbyte.com/mailpass/.


UnlockMe!My Nokia 7610 was brought from a friend of mine, and he forgot the lock code. I could have brought the phone to nokia service center for reset, but usually it takes few days, and it will cost me some money, because it is already past the warranty period. Luckily I found a program to retrieve the phone code for free.

UnlockMe! is a software that will allow you to recover the Unlock Code that is currently configured in your Symbian phone. You have to install and run the software on the phone, and it will try to brute force your lock code (it may take almost an hour depending on your lock code).

This is the kind of program that you only need once in a while, but very useful when you need it. You can download this program from: http://www.symbian-toys.com/unlockme.aspx.


If you are an astronomer or you just like to look at the sky then PlanetFinder migh be useful for you. PlanetFinder can show you the locations of the planets, stars, moon, and sun in the sky from any location and for any date and time. This Planet Finderis a Symbian port of a famous Java Applet with the same name that can be found at: http://www.lightandmatter.com/area2planet.shtml.

To use PlanetFinder, you will need to know your location (the latitude and longitude). Planet Finder already has a database of major cities of the world, but if your city is not listed, you can find the latitude and longitude information using GPS, or just look your City at Wikipedia. Wikipedia has information about longitude and latitude of most cities in the world.

You can download PlanetFinder at: http://newlc.com/PlanetFinder.html


FExplorerThis is the best file manager for Symbian Series 60. This application is more than just a File Manager, it can change your operator logo, activates or deactives infrared and bluetooth, create screen capture, and it can also acts as a process viewer.

One of the most useful function is the ability to access your messaging folder, so you can copy files sent trough email, infrared, bluetooth, or MMS to another folder.

You can download this application here: http://www.gosymbian.com/FE_download.html

Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe is trying to make sure that there is Adobe PDF reader in every popular systems. You can find Adobe PDF Reader for Windows, Mac, Linux, Palm, and also for Symbian. From my opinion, this is not the best PDF reader out there. I only use this application to read small PDF files or for making sure I have downloaded the correct file from the internet.

If you intend to read large PDF files, it might be better for you to just convert your PDF files to Mobipocket format, or even HTML format.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is only available for Nokia 6680, and can be downloaded from adobe.com


If you are learning to play guitar, then this application can help you remember the chords. This program is easy to use, and has easy navigation with the arrow keys.

This program can be downloaded from: http://www.ubahnstation.net/chords.


AutolockLocking the keypad is important because it will prevent accidental keypress. Accidental keypresses can make a phone call, delete a contact, and many other things depending on your shortcut settings. An automatic keylock feature should have been included on all phones, unfortunately, this was not the case with Nokia phones.

The owner of sliding phones should not need this application, but all others should get one. This application was written by Petteri Muilu, and can be downloaded from:


TaskyI always want to know how much memory a program takes. If some program uses a lot of memory, I wont use it, because it will slow down the system. With so many applications installed, sometimes I don’t know that some application has background process (such as Agile Messenger), and collectively this makes the free memory becomes very low.

With Tasky, I can see the list of running program (including background programs) and I can see which program takes a lot of memory, and kill the program. This was created by TeleSoftas, and can be downloaded from http://www.telesoftas.com.


PhytonProgramming Symbian phones using C++ is not easy, and many have complained about it. To create a small program is very difficult in C++, that is why some prefer to do Java (MIDP) programming, which is easier. Some people thinks that Java is still to complicated and time consuming to write simple programs, that is why some programming languages was ported to Symbian, and Python is one of them.
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