Right now I am stuck with the network driver for NCB3AST. The network driver from Linksys WAP200 and WRVS4400N is different from the one in the original NC3AST. I am still thinking what should I do now.

As a side note, instead of holding USB EXIT, you can also hold the USB RESET to get to the Armboot menu.

3 thoughts on “Stuck”

  1. Just wanted to get in touch to pass on my support for your efforts so far. I’m interested in getting access to the command line of this box to try to amongst other things try to upgrade Twonky but I can’t get the serial cabling right and the NCB3AHT samba hack doesn’t seem to work on the NCB3AST. I look forward to following your progress and any other useful tips.

  2. Not yet.
    kineq from the mailing list is still working on a new set of applications to assemble to a new image.

    I have studied the firmware image format, and I hope I can replace the firmware soon.

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