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I never really used IRC much, but there are many people that uses it. This program is for people who likes to do IRC chat everywhere with their phone. It is a bit slow, but very easy to use. If you already know IRC commands (such as /LIST, /JOIN, etc), you can directly use the […]

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Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble is one of my favorite games, because it is easy to play, not boring, and doesn’t make you think too much. When Elias Konstantinidis released the first version for Symbian 7.0, I was eager to play it on my Nokia 3650, and decided to help him create a build for Symbian 6.0. That […]

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Nokia Maps

Two months ago I moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand from Indonesia, that is one of the reason why I didn’t update this blog, as I am still rather busy with a lot of things (moving things, buying things, etc). I think Chiang Mai is a beautiful city. My only complaint is that I can’t read […]

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