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JoikuSpot Light

JoikuSpot is a software to share your phone’s Internet connection via WIFI. It turns your S60 3rd edition device into a hotspot. The premium version of the software allows you to use any connection, while the Light version only allows you to use web (HTTP) connection. This is not a new software, but I only […]

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I haven’t done much Symbian programming in the past few months, and I haven’t got the time to improve the current freewares that I have (Log Export, MsgExport, and others). But today, I managed to write an application for my wife, a multi counter. My wife likes to knit and crochet, so actually she will […]

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DEdit Text Editor

DEdit is an amazing text editor, it has so many features, and is very fast. It can handle large file. I tried opening 168 kb file (Alice In Wonderland form project Guttenberg), and it opens the file very quickly. I can search and replace text, create bookmark,even setting the look and feel of the program. […]

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Jbak Taskman

I was surprised when I found out that many people liked my AppQLaunch because it was such a simple program (someone even translated it into Chinese, without me knowning it). I found out there is a better program now from Russia, this program does more than AppQLauch, is a freeware, and is Symbian Signed. The […]

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Update Latest version (supports S60 3rd edition until the latest Symbian Belle) is available in Ovi Store, it has been renamed to SMS To File (1 USD). Update: 28 June 2010. Certificate have been updated. Now MsgExport can export in UTC and Local Time. SMSLog directory will be created if it doesn’t exist yet. MsgExport […]

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