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Mobile Web Server

Mobile Web Server will turn your phone into a web server. You can even install PAMP (Personal Apache MySQL PHP) in it, but I didn’t try installing PAMP, because I haven’t seen the use of it yet (except for draining my battery faster). The basic web server can be accessed by the world, or you […]

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JoikuSpot Light

JoikuSpot is a software to share your phone’s Internet connection via WIFI. It turns your S60 3rd edition device into a hotspot. The premium version of the software allows you to use any connection, while the Light version only allows you to use web (HTTP) connection. This is not a new software, but I only […]

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I never really used IRC much, but there are many people that uses it. This program is for people who likes to do IRC chat everywhere with their phone. It is a bit slow, but very easy to use. If you already know IRC commands (such as /LIST, /JOIN, etc), you can directly use the […]

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Update 20 Nov 2007: Certificate has been updated, now the “Certificate Expired” will not appear for the next 10 years. IfInfo is a small and simple program I wrote today to view current network interface Information. With this program, I can see the IP address assigned to my Nokia E61, DNS address, and so on. […]

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With my 3G data plan, I like to chat if I have time. Right now, I am still using Agile Messenger, a shareware multi protocol instant messenger. But if you only plan to use MSN, you can use Hier. Hier is an instant messaging client for MSN protocol. This program is quite easy to use, […]

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