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Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe is trying to make sure that there is Adobe PDF reader in every popular systems. You can find Adobe PDF Reader for Windows, Mac, Linux, Palm, and also for Symbian. From my opinion, this is not the best PDF reader out there. I only use this application to read small PDF files or for […]

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QReader is a freeware book reader that supports many common ebook format (Palm Doc, FB2, UMD, and TCR). Although you can not buy a commercial (DRM-ed) books, you can read a lot of freely available ebooks on the Internet. It has many features, such as searching and hyphenation. My only complain was that there is […]

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Mobipocket Reader

Unlike S60 1st edition, later models of S60 2nd edition phones, and most S60V3 phones has large screen resolution. This large resolution makes it comfortable to read a lot of text (ebooks or web browsing). Currently, the only way to read commercial ebook on the 3rd edition phone is by using the Mobipocket Reader. This […]

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