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Some people like certain mini games that they can play during their spare time. My favorite spare-time games are bomberman type games, and MiniBlaster is one of then. Miniblaster is fun for me because unlike some other implementations, in each stage I can get multiple bonus items (more bombs, larger explosions, etc). This is good, […]

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Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble is one of my favorite games, because it is easy to play, not boring, and doesn’t make you think too much. When Elias Konstantinidis released the first version for Symbian 7.0, I was eager to play it on my Nokia 3650, and decided to help him create a build for Symbian 6.0. That […]

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GNUGoS60 is a port of the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Go application to Nokia’s Series 60 (S60) platform based on the Symbian Operating System (SymbianOS). This program is running good, the only complain is that there is no progress is displayed while the computer is ‘thinking’, so it looks like it hangs each time we […]

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ScummVM is a virtual machine which was made to allow one to play LucasArts adventure games that use the SCUMM system on multiple platforms (and Symbian is one of those platforms). With this you can play your old DOS games from LucasArt. If you don’t have one, you can download some games from This […]

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Xedious is a clone for the classic coin-op arcade game Xevious. Maps and graphics adapted from the xbat game for Unix. Contains 16 levels and three difficulty settings (it wont use the full screen of your phone). You can not change the controls, but then help for controls is included in the game (wait a […]

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