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Conversation is one of the software from Nokia Beta Labs. This simple application lets you view the SMS messages that you have sent and received in a chat-like form. When you run this application, you can select a contact, and it will display the messages that you have sent to that contact and the messages […]

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One important thing that prevents viruses from spreading in the Symbian 9 platform is that an unsigned program can not be autoexecuted during boot. That is why you wont find an unsigned program that can auto start on boot. If you found an unsigned program that you want to start during startup, you can use […]

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Sometimes typing something is faster than point and click, and this has been proven by the popularity of QuickSilver in Mac, an application that can be used to launch applications (and do some actions) quickly by typing. I always wished that I can do the same in my Nokia E61 (update: with freeware app). For […]

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Worldmate Travel software from mobimate provides travelers with information that organizes their travel needs. You can see weather forecast, currency exchange, multiple clocks, and world day/night map. This product is quite famous, and I think it will be more famous since it is now free. Actually WorldMate can do more than the things I just […]

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S60SpotOn will keep your backlight on. This is one of the utilites that you thought you’ll never need, but when you need to find something in the dark, then this application will be quite useful. It reminds me of the Torch application for the previous symbian version. To make it more useful, for certain 3rd […]

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