I found this quite cheap NAS (around 87 USD) few days ago when buying a new hard drive. This is cheap by Chiang Mai’s standard, because if you buy cheaper stuff from the Internet, you will need to pay a lot for shipping cost and tax. This NAS runs Linux but unfortunately they don’t provide the source code. Someone have managed to open this NAS, and connect serial port to it, while another guy find a way to access the shell by modifying samba configuration. I have managed to compile a simple hello world application and run it on the device using I am planning to do more hacking on this device this weekend, and will write more about it.

5 thoughts on “Agestar NAS NCB3AST”

  1. Oh, the purpose is just to see if I can compile other applications to add. Hello world is just a test application to see that the toolchain (compiler, linker, etc) works.

  2. Hello. Please describe the detailed changes FW using the serial console. I have a problem with changing FW on the network has failed and now AgeStar not on the network ( no ping). Help please.

  3. Kippis… afrer the hard reset (press the reset button for 10 seconds or more) you could login again by
    user: admin
    password: root


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