EHCI Driver Completed

STR9100 has two Host Controller Interface, EHCI and OHCI. Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI) is used for high speed USB, while Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) is used for full and low speed devices. I think I have completed the EHCI part (it can detect my USB disk and the internal hard disk), but I haven’t tested this extensively. The OHCI part may not seem important if we only use high speed devices, but it is. When I tried plugging in low speed device, the port becomes unusable (even when I unplug the device and insert a new USB 2.0 device).

I will try to complete the OHCI part, and I hope I can post the source code this weekend after cleaning up the debugging part. I also plan to support the MTD device access so we can update the firmware easily. Updating from the old kernel to the new one will be easy with the web interface, but it is important that we can update the new one also (currently I am still booting from tftp server).

3 thoughts on “EHCI Driver Completed”

  1. Ooh, can’t wait to see if EABI works, among other things, it’ll definately make building easier since so many things like 2.6 these days.

  2. I’m just wondering what will be the result of the hacking you are doing – will you put a new, more modern operating system on it, and still use it as a NAS box with more features?
    I’m curious since I own the box and realise it’s limitations, and would very much appreciate an ‘upgrade’.

  3. Hi Tim,

    Yes, I am planning to put more modern system on it, and you should be able to do much more things with it.

    I am hoping I can do what the people are doing with their NSLU (a similar hardware from Linksys):

    The hardware capabilities of the agestar is almost exactly the same with NSLU2. This is what they are doing with their NSLU (with the new firmware):

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