Latest patch for Agestar NCB3AST


It seems I can get the userland working fine with the latest uClibc snapshot. So far I have been able to boot the kernel using TFTP, and uses root image from NFS and USB, tonight I think I will try to flash the kernel using the mtd driver (for those of you who wants to try before me, flash /dev/mtd1 and use bootpImage for that mtd partition).

Here is the latest patch against (with mtd driver):

Config file for booting with USB root file system. I am using external USB stick (/dev/sdb1) change it to /dev/sdaX to use the hard disk inside Agestar.

Config file for booting NFS root file system. Don’t forget to change the client IP address (mine is, server IP address (mine is and the mount path (mine is /opt/boot).

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