EEE PC 900

One of our friend bought an EEE PC 900, it has 4 GB + 16 GB SSD. The seller didn’t told us that the 16 GB SSD was very slow (I should have read this). I found out about his when she tried to install many programs in the 4 gb SSD, and is was full. Using some steps that i found on the Internet, I tried moving her Windows installation to the 16 GB SSD. And the result is: the Windows is very slow.

I found some other guides to speed up Windows on the 16 GB partition. I didn’t try all of the suggestions (too many steps), so I finally gave up because the speed improvement is not so much in my case. Finally I just moved the Windows back to the 4 GB SSD, and then reinstalling some seldom used software to the 16 GB partition.

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