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I have been using Hostmonster for more than 2 years, and I was quite satisfied until now. When I registered in 2006, Hostmonster gives more than enough disk space, and bandwidth for me. Few months ago, I decided to extend my registration for another 3 years, I am doing this because the uptime of the server is excellent, and they are responsive to questions and requests (such as adding DNS record, or resolving some problem with CPanel).

Three days ago, I got an email from abuse department, it says that I have been storing to many files. I have about 300 thousands files, and their limit (that they just set on May) is 50 thousands file. You may think that 50 thousands file is a lot, but in reality it is not. Many software uses thousands of small files, for example there are more than 1800 files on gallery2 (typical install, english only), there are more than 1000 files for wordpress. Joomla with virtuemart will use more than 6000 files. I think this new limit has something to do with their new UNLIMITED HOSTING offer.

That is only the default install. Many web applications uses more files. For example, gallery2 will cache the resized sizes (thumnail, normal view, full view, etc) so if you upload 1000 pictures, it may end up becoming 3000 files or more. I got quite many blog entries (because I have been blogging in my Indonesian blog for 3 years), so I need to install wp-cache to speed things up. The cache is file based, so in just one of my blog, I use about around 4000 files.

The worst part is Hostmonster also counts their configuration files, empty directories, log files, and emails in the total. So if you have several email account, and you haven’t pop your email for a while, your file count will be high. If you use IMAP, then you can not have many messages, because every message is a file.

After cleaning up my files, removing my photos, uninstalling gallery, I finally lowered down my file count to around 44000. Now I only use about 1.7 GB of the disk space. So much for unlimited space hosting πŸ™

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  1. I have been using hostmonster since 2006, i’m happy with the excellent uptime and a lot of features. Recently, i have a problem regarding email routing, the problem started since a few month ago when i dediced to use google apps for the one of my domains (add on domain), Since i use web contact form where the destination of contact is my email address hosted at google apps, i’m unable to get the email arrived to my inbox, that sent by contact form. I think exim MTA processing the email routing for my domain locally instead remotely.
    I have been contacted hostmonster support regarding this issue and also gave them solution that i got from the website on the internet,unfortunatelly so far there’s no any answer/ solution about this. Finally i had to change the destination of email address to, and then gmail forwarding to my origin email address as i used before. At least I have a little disappointed using hostmonster :(.

  2. I am facing the same situation although I am yet to receive an email from gallery2 install has 10000+ photos and once you count the thumbnails and resizes you can multiply that amount by 3. Also i have about 5 wordpress and 5 joomla setups on my account. Total file count when I checked…about 111000. I’m not even a web designer. I don’t know code I simply followed their simple script setups and do stuff by following tutorials which give step by step instructions. I would have no idea on how to go about getting my files to below 50000. I’v been happy with hostmonster for over 2 years and this is the first time I have a reason to be dissatisfied.

  3. I’m moving out of Hostmonster. This is all garbage. They can’t deliver! I’m very disappointed because all my sites are now down just because they decided to change their mind. Piece of…

  4. got similar email, i questioned how its possible, so there reply to me was:
    Let us know when you need an updated file count. If you feel you cannot reduce the number of files on your account, we are probably not the right hosting provider for your domains.

  5. It’s pretty annoying. I’ve been a customer of hostmonster since 2006 and I don’t think I’ve ever had less than 50k files.

    It’s taken me a week to reduce from 230k to 40k files.

  6. All ya have to do is keep it under 200,000 and you will not get flagged for suspension…..but nevertheless it does suck for lack of a better word

  7. I just got flagged for having over 200k files on hostmonster. I’m currently working to reduce the number of files to under 50k, but it is definitely a pain in the neck!

    Thanks for the tip on keeping it under 200k to prevent being flagged in the future.

  8. add me to list.. same mail same problem…. i just bought a reseller from indian host…. let us all host together πŸ™‚

  9. Yeah, it’s a bit of a scam to claim all this “unlimited” stuff and have such a strict limit on number of files. So let’s see, my login area says I can use up to 15360000 MB of space, and at 50,000 files that averages about 307 MB per file, or half a CD. I understand that they can’t literally offer “unlimited” space, but what if they limited you to 1 file? But the space is unlimited! If they have a restriction on number of files, they should advertise that. Unlimited space implies unlimited files.

  10. @neeraj, by the way, all these “top web hosting” sites are in cahoots. You can’t trust them. The ratings are made up. It’s practically a cartel.

  11. What do you expect for 7 dollars a month? The servers that host your sites cost Money and these unlimited plans either can’t be sustained or there is fine print rules. Either way there is no such thing as unlimited. There are unlimited plans, but in the providers world they have given the word unlimited a new definition.

    Always read the TOS before paying and furthermore realize that hosting 1000 users on one server unlimited is logically impossible.

    There are two types of hosting

    a) lie up front to get your business and tell you about limits later
    b) honest up front might not get you business

    Eather case there are limits

    Hope this helps

  12. @David M

    Of course it is impossible to give unlimited plans.

    When I registered hosting with them, the didn’t have unlimited plans (their plan is limited by storage and bandwidth/month). Happy with that for 2 years, I continue extending my hosting with them.

    But suddenly, everyone gets “unlimited” plans, but the start limiting the number of files for everyone.

  13. My hosting expires after 6 months, I have been their customer for more than 4 years and brought around 20 customers to them and now I’m taking them all away after their hosting expires. ******* bastards will learn how to make business, and won’t just shout around NO LIMIT and then after a while limit you all the way. Not only number of files but everything… The only thing which is “unlimited” right now is Monthly Bandwidth Transfer and nothing else. For how long? 1 more month? If you don’t believe me try to add “unlimited” anything you want… Some things will clock you after 100 adds, some at 1000,…

    I am now searching alternative hostings (even those who don’t have unlimited) as long as they are fair and offer what they say…

  14. 200k file limit confirmed. I contacted hostmonster. Their will be no courtesy backup above 50k. Quote from mail:

    “We ask you to reduce your file count to at or below 50,000 files because that is where we see optimal server performance. We do understand that not all of our customers can reduce their file count that far. As long as your account remains below 200,000 total files, your account will not be deactivated for file count.”

  15. Can’t you just store the files in the database? I was reading their “Terms” and since there isn’t a space limit, the database can be bloated but file count won’t go up.

    1. There is database size and database tables limit with hostmonster/bluehost. See terms. number of emails limit is 500 and we can request for 750.

      1. Hi,

        If you read carefully, this post was made few years ago, and at that time they DID NOT have those in their terms.

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