Atari ST Emulator for WII updated

I have made a stupid mistake by including wrong default configuration files (which is slow). I have updated the Atari ST emulator. Here is what is new:

– Wiimote only operation is possible. Not all things will work though. You can play point and click games that relies only on mouse. Press HOME to access the menu (change disk, change ROM, etc). To avoid wasting your time, you can test the game on Hatari for Windows/Linux to see if you can control everything using only mouse.

– I have included a simple flicker filtering to reduce the filtering. This is not the final solution to the problem. I will need to rewrite the SDL port to use GX.


– Mono mode still doesn’t work yet.

You can download it here:

Sorry, forgot to update the mouse handling

17 thoughts on “Atari ST Emulator for WII updated”

  1. Hi

    Will wireless usb keyboards/mice work with this emulator?

    How good is the mouse emulation? I’m pretty sure this is the first emulator on the wii that incorporates the feature of using a mouse – so congratulations.

    I’ll test this new build tonight… while waiting for my keyboard and mouse turn up in the post. 🙂

  2. I just had a little longer testing with this build. The original version of Hatari is on Linux/Mac os only to my knowledge, and I’m using Windows XP, so unfortunately can’t tell you the origin of these errors. Also, there are a lot of versions due to the amount of cracks etc, however my images are all tested with Steem and DCcastaway.
    Anyway first in general, using the Wiimote as mouse with the original frameskip of 4 was pretty much unusable, I remembered the advice in the first comment and put it auto, however I think it’s even better with no frameskip at all.
    I had a surprising amount of non-playable games though, I can hardly believe that’s the case in the original hatari.

    For example:

    Impact (super-gau version) gives a message saying it needs a color screen (when obviously that’s the setting)

    Starflight (hotline) gives a message after the intro saying the system should be rebooted.

    Ishar (D-bug) gives an error message (literally, it says “error) after the intro, and returns to the desktop with messed up colors.

    Plotting (Zuul) hangs after choosing it from the menu.

    Pirates: wrong colors and also a weird bug at the beginning when entering name (a lot of 1 are entered).

  3. Uh my mistake! I just realized, that I only did that when I initially copied the first version of the port. Since I just copied the second over, that means the Tos Rom must have been overwritten. That explains a lot.

    The Starflight error happenend on the previous version as well, I’ll take a look at the windows version of Hatari,thanks for pointing that out.

  4. Alright, I just tested it with proper Tos image on Wii and Windows.

    – Impact and Pirates work now

    – The versions of Starflight, Last Ninja 2, Plotting and Ishar have the same errors as before

    – They do work on Hatari Windows.

  5. I had a good play with this and enjoyed using it a lot.

    I found one “bug” that when I was trying lots of disk images the text on screen saying that the previous images was ejected would print on the next sucessive line but when it got to the bottom the whole screen scrolls up so there are graphic artifacts left over from the last game still on screen when playing the next game.

    One feature I would love to see is if you could use the ST games database as used by the GP32 Castaway port
    which shows you which games are included on Pompy, Automation, medway boys game disks as trying to remember what games are on A_0434534 is a nightmare!!

    Keep up the good work!


  6. Hi

    Has anbody managed to get the game ‘North & South’ working on this emu?

    Also is this emulator still being worked on or is this the final release?

    Thanks for your time.

  7. Hi:
    This is the best ST emulator at the moment, thaks, only two thinks:
    Joystik suport is to much important emulated with Wiimote.
    And USB soport is a dream for mi, imagine have all the colection in my WII.

    I think this is the more important implementations, but thanks again for your fantastic contribution.
    Luis Miguel.

  8. are you planning on working on the joystick emulation using the wiimote ? and using the wii graphic keyboard interface to emulate the atari keyboard (like on dosbox for wii)?
    thanks for your great contribution to the homebrew scene!

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