Atari ST Emulator for Wii (based on Hatari)

After wiiapple, here is an atari st emulator for Wii based on hatari. This port works fine on my Wii. Two other people have tested it, one (Da_Gper) said it is very slow on his Wii, but Nowhereman said it is fine in his Wii. So please tell me you test result. If it works fine for most people, I will post it to wiibrew.

Some notes

  1. You will need USB keyboard to use this emulator
  2. Mouse is emulated using Wiimote (A for click), you can also use USB Mouse
  3. Press F12 to access the menu (probably i should assign one of the Wiimote key for this),
  4. Options can be saved to disk
  5. Press home, or alt-q to quit
  6. Floppy images can be placed in \hatari\fd
  7. EmuTOS image have been included. With EmuTOS ROM, the green screen flickers a lot. It doesn’t happen with some real Atari ROMs that I tested.
  8. Sound works (usually), jus enable it through the options

You can download the emulator from

Source code is in

The source code for the SDL port have been put into wiiapple SVN at




7 thoughts on “Atari ST Emulator for Wii (based on Hatari)”

  1. This is great, l’ve been waiting for this for quite awhile! Thank you so much. Please let us know if you come up with a keyboardless version!

  2. Thanks for this. I had a short test yesterday, it didn’t seem to me to be unusually slow. However, doubleclicking with the Wiimote could use some fine-tuning.

    Mono doesn’t work. Afaik the ST uses a higher refreshrate than 60 Hz in this mode, still is there maybe a workaround? I’ve read that on the Xbox, some games on the Sharpx68000 emulator have the same issue, but there is supposed to be a solution.
    I’m guessing also you’re displaying in 480i instead of 240P for the low-res mode?

    In general video is fine though, mid-res appears to work, too.

    Before I report any possible game/crack/version related bugs I guess I’m doing some longer testing.

  3. @Starscream

    Yes, I am currently using 480i, because I haven’t finished converting the SDL code to use GX. In the latest version i am using a simple flicker filter to reduce the flickering. And yes, the mono monitor option doesn’t work yet (same problem: the current SDL port doesn’t support mono mode).

    Thanks for testing

  4. hi,

    and congrats for your port, since i ported CastAway ( another atari st emul with no sound support) and given up the code to add disk selector, etc…

    for my first test of your port, it’s seem that even on the GEM, it’s running a more than 3-4 VBL. So i think there is a little trouble with your rendering stuff.

    Anyway good shoot for a first version 😉 i hope a new version soon !! if yo need a little help with your rendering GX support, i can have a look at your code.

    Bye 😉

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  6. Hi,

    Just want to say what a great start. I still have an Atari ST from younger days and still long to play some of the games and demos without getting out the hardware. I currently use steem on my pc to do this but if you could get similar operation through the wii, this would be great as it is on the HD tv.

    Starscream is right about mono. If I remember correctly mono is 80Hz, only available through a monitor. But I only remember that as we used that to use the side borders of the ST. Used the VBL routines for the top and bottom borders (60HZ) and the HBL routines for the side borders plus going to 80hz. Someone will probably correct me though. Very rusty on this as it is 15years since I have done any of this ST programming.

    If you need any help on this mate, give me a shout. I still know a fair bit of knowledge of 68k assembly and have references to the atari ST registers so just pop me an email for info.

    Thanks again,


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